lørdag den 14. oktober 2017

Kursus hos faster...Slut.

Så løb kurset af stablen og det gik super godt.
Pigerne, Karina og Mona Lisa, var lærenemme og knoklede på

Her lidt billeder fra dagen

I taught for 6 hours and was quite tired afterwards. But the course went well and the girls were good at what they learned.

torsdag den 12. oktober 2017

træ i skoven

baggrunden er køkkenrulle med akvarelmaling, stempler af træ og fugle og die cut træ fra Marianne design
Basen er skåret med firkant fra Die-Namics


tirsdag den 10. oktober 2017

Concrete bowls

Some days ago i worked in concret.
Now it has all dried firmly and I could go to next step:
I painted the " light bowls with Copper" and put a light in each
They are made with use of balloons and concrete
I found the recipe online

before painting below

mandag den 9. oktober 2017

søndag den 8. oktober 2017

Owl-Eye Picture 1

This time I did some mixedmedia pictures on watercolour paper to be framed
size is 33 cm x 25 cm

søndag den 1. oktober 2017

Sweet Happy Birthday

Using some of my new craft goodies
playful seal from Marianne design and more
go check them out right here

2 cards with design paper

Two easy going cards this time....

at Scrap Convention yesterday

Had great fun bought alot of new things to play with

and here is the stuff I bought and you will soon see in action on my blog

Sorø Scrap Convention