fredag den 17. november 2017

Serie Cotton Birds - 1-2-3

Tema Bomuld/ Theme Cotton.
serie på 6 kort.
Hvid kalkmaling,bølgepap,fugle fra naturbøger, bomuldssnor, bomuld stof samt revet papir m.m.

card in Kort O Mania Challenge
- Utfordring#187 Alt er lov/Anything goes

Torn paper landscape -Two cards

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mandag den 13. november 2017

torsdag den 9. november 2017

onsdag den 8. november 2017

Kronborg Castle Cards 1-2-3

Kronborg castle walls are pictures I have taken.
Decoupage antique danish design and birds upon them.
Hope you like

A little history.
My family, on my father's side grew up on Kronborg.
My grandfather was the slots manager for 40 years and after him my uncle for yet same amount
I love that castle
and know each and every brick and corner. I go there several times a week for long walks and enjoy the castle,the sea and history
I love the fact that my family had their life´s on Kronborg and lived there for nearly 80 years, not many familie´s have such a history
I hope they had a good life.

my grandfather